bodycity - a visual arts project in three parts



Programme 2:
'City' - November 8 to November 14 2007

Regina José Galindo - Who Can Erase the Traces?
Regina José Galindo - Who Can Erase the Traces?

This programme is framed by the City itself, the physical space of the city as a backdrop and the cultural metaphors of living in the city. How the built world affects the individual and other questions of society and urban references, from mapping and passing through to the fault lines and obstacles of urbanism and the human condition. How cities affect us and how we continue to relate to them.

"I dwell in the city and the city dwells in me" ~ Juhani Pallasmaa
"Cities are the abyss of the human species." ~ Lewis Carroll

Programme 1 'Place'

Programme 3 'Body'

Programme 4 'Other'



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